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To prevent the spread of the COVID-19, this year we don’t celebrate Karnaval on the Island Of Curaçao.

But we of C.A.R.G. Curaçao  Amateur Radio Group, will celebrate Curaçao Karnaval 2021 ON THE AIR.

PJ2C Team PJ2CF, PJ2SM will be active in SSTV mode from  14-19 February 2021.

The team will be transmitting 10 pictures of Curaçao Karnaval 2020

The band we will be using is the 20 Meter band, and every 3 minutes  we will be transmitting a new beautiful picture of Curaçao Karnaval.

If you receive at least 1 picture that’s more than 50% clear, you can apply for the C.A.R.G SSTV Online Certificate.

To apply for the C.A.R.G SSTV Online Certificate, Just send us one of the C.A.R.G SSTV Karnaval picture you receive, your name and call sign.   e-mail your picture to pj2charlie@gmail.com

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Special Event Station PJ2C


10-10-2010: A new start for the islands of the Netherlands Antilles

On Sunday 10 October 2010, Curaçao and St Maarten became constituent countries of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. 

Officials in Willemstad on Curaçao lowered the Antillean flag at midnight (Sunday at 6 a.m. 10-10-2010 in the Netherlands).

Curaçao is in the Southern Caribbean Sea. Following a referendum, and as a result of constitutional change, Curaçao became a constituent country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands on October 10, 2010.

The constitutional changes marked a new start for the islands, one that put the wellbeing of the islands’ people first

After 10 Years we as Curaçao Amateur Radio Group will remember this First Decade of the New Country Curaçao with a Special DX event.  And the Special Event Stations will be using the PJ2C Call sign.


                                      There will be 3 stations in the 20 meter band

        If you contact more than 1 station, a Second Special QSL card Diploma Style will be added.

This 10-10 2020

Curaçao Amateur Radio Group will be DXing with the Special callsign PJ2C.

There Will Be a Nice Special Event QSL Card.

Just Send your QSL Card with a minimum of $2

to our QSL Manager.


all QSL via the PJ2C QSL Manager. 

QSL Manager EC5AHA

Toni Canto
C/ La Serrella 21 - 5
CP:46012 - Valencia

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101010 patras copyright.jpg

                               Special Event Station PJ2C


                                                             Harvest Full Moon

Hello to all Ham Radio operators,

24 of September 2018 we will be activating the group C.A.R.G. Curaçao Amateur Radio Group with the callsign PJ2C.

We will be on 20 meter band. all QSL via the PJ2C QSL Manager. 

QSL Manager EC5AHA

Toni Canto
C/ La Serrella 21 - 5
CP:46012 - Valencia